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Born in in China, Franchin Don has been engaged in visual expression since an early age. At 18, he began to shoot short films with a DV camera. At 20, he abandoned his studies in architecture in China and headed to France to study Cinema Theory at the University of Lyon. Franchin continued to pursue his passion in photography and film at Lyon Magenta Photography School, and finally Paris International Film School for Film Directing. While at school, his photographic works "Les Somnambules" were recognized and selected for a solo exhibition at Lyon National Library, and Franchin was invited to attend the Lyon 9PH International Photography Festival in 2008. He directed "Entre-Deux", an award-winning short film that won honors in several international film festivals. Currently, Franchin is in development with his next two feature films, À Nos Pères and Un Eté Froid.​

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